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Elderberry Honey

Elderberry Honey is a delicious way to sweeten teas in the winter. It can also be taken by the spooful to prevent cold and flu. Honey has a great way of coating the throat relieving soreness. When adding the fantastic benefits of Elderberries, the combination is unbeatable.

Elder Profile:
Latine name: Sambucus

The black berries produces are considered toxic when eaten raw in large quantities — to be safe, make sure they are dry before using! Feel free to use them in pies or jellies for a healthy, fruity treat. Elderberries are highly rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and are used to make tinctures or extracts that are sold in stores as antivirals. The flowers are absolutely delicious smelling and are fine to use in your salads and, like the berries, have been used for flavoring wine.


Recipe: Elderberry Honey

To yield 8 ounces of Elderberry Honey use the following:
8 oz of dried Elderberries
8 oz of pure honey

1. Measure out Elderberries and honey.
2. Add to a double boiler over low heat.
3. Simmer honey mixture for 6 hours.
4. Strain mixture with a muslin cloth or tightly woven cheesecloth. I’ve also been able to use a simple strainer.
5. Pour honey into a jar and label with the date the honey was made and information on the elderberries and honey that was used.

Note: You can use fresh elderberries, but know that the honey will only keep for a short time and must be refrigerated. Whenever fresh plant is used, water is introduced to your honey and allows for icky growth to form.


4 thoughts on “Elderberry Honey”

    1. Elderberry and Crab Apple Jelly sounds fantastic! I’ve been loving on elderberries recently — I imight try to make some elderberry jelly! Let me know if you have any pointers!


      1. I had a really good result this time around. Think the difference was making sure the crab apples were really well cooked down before adding the elderberries. From then, it’s just as you would with any other jelly (leave to drip through muslin overnight and then measure and add sugar. Bring to boil and boil for about 10 mins or until set)


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